Apparel for Podcast Lovers

Inspired by our mutual love of podcasts, Kat and I decided to launch a brand called podprinted – an eCommerce shop selling “podcast themed” apparel. Our brand’s tagline is “for the love of podcasts” and we hope that podprinted will become a place where podcast fanatics of all types can purchase apparel that showcases their love of podcasts. Podprinted’s designs celebrate the pursuit of knowledge and foster a sense of community with other podcast lovers. With designs like “Podbuds” or “True Crime”, there’s something for every podcast fanatic.

It all started with a simple text during COVID-19 quarantine, “If you want to start a business, I’d start one with you”. Kat and I discovered a shared love of podcasts while working together at a local health department. Our relationship snowballed from there and we decided to start a business that centered on our mutual podcast obsession. We noticed that podcast lovers have limited options to showcase their love of podcasts through apparel. There are apparel shops dedicated to book worms or movie fanatics, but there’s a gap when it comes to podcasts. We hope to fill that gap with podprinted. In addition to apparel, podprinted aims to connect people to other podcast lovers, blogs about podcasts, and the latest podcast recommendations. Wearing a podprinted design is meant to be a way to publicly signal your love of podcasts and help inspire conversations/connections with others.

The popularity of podcasts has steadily increased over the last seven years. Over 68 million people listen to podcasts on a weekly basis in the U.S. and 16 million Americans identifying as “avid” podcasts fans. Podprinted creates a needed space to connect podcast lovers through well-designed apparel.

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