Why podprinted?

Every Monday morning I jump out of bed knowing I have a new episode of How I Built This to listen to. I listen to so many podcasts that it's nice knowing that I won’t have to endlessly scroll through the New and Noteworthy on my Apple Podcast App (this is a daily struggle). Instead I can simply tune in and get inspired by people building amazing things.

The thing I love most about How I Built This is that the founders of these super successful businesses are just ordinary people who had a desire to build something. They have a belief and a passion to solve a problem. It's their tenacity and endless motivation that makes them successful. It's these stories that inspire me as host, Guy Raz, asks founders to share the lows just as much as the highs. Somehow it always seems that immense willpower, belief, and a little luck seems to be the right recipe for success.

I took a number of Monday mornings before I built the courage and ask my co-founder, Rachel, if she wanted to join me on a journey of building a business. Honestly, I wouldn't have done it without her. This is why podprinted was born. I am not afraid to hustle. I'm prepared to make mistakes. And I'm willing to see if I have what it takes to build something from scratch. I'm choosing to believe the many How I Build This founders that it just takes grit and never giving up.

Join us on our journey as we build podprinted - A community of podcast lovers.

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