Podcast Review: Cover Story

Style: Investigative

Average Length: 40 minutes

I'm back to my old tricks this week! How could I not end the year with my love of true crime and investigative journalism? This new podcast from New York Magazine has me seriously intrigued and wanting the holiday break to be over. Yes, I just want the next episode to be released and playing through my earbuds ASAP.

Cover Story is an eight episode podcast that is all about the mysterious world of psychedelics. I will admit, prior to listening to Cover Story, I was more than slightly curious about the potential of psychedelics. Heck, I had even sought out the Joe Rogan podcast in which Michael Pollan is interviewed about his book This is Your Mind on Plants (episode #1678 of the Joe Rogan Podcast). If you haven't figured it out, Pollan's book is all about psychoactive plants and their impact the brain. So, with this background knowledge and the recent whisperings that psychedelics could be the magic bullet to cure mental illness, I was keen and ready to explore with my ears.

As an investigative podcast, Cover Story sucks you in as you follow along Lily Ross's journey into the mysterious underworld of psychedelics. Ross, who had experienced trauma in her early life, was seeking healing. She was able to find relief and introspection with the treatment of psychedelic drugs. As someone who had witnessed this powerful transformation, Lily desired to become a guide who could administer and support others along on their own psychedelic journeys. Yet, during her training Lily was abused and as she stepped deeper into this world she realized that she is not alone. Lily and journalist Tillett Wright step into her story, as well as the experience of others, to investigate secrets that are hidden in the psychedelic movement. Spoiler...it's not all peaches and cream.

Download Cover Story now on all your favorite podcast listening apps. Listen with an open mind (see what I did there?). But seriously, this podcast has helped me better understand the power of these mind altering drugs, so be prepared to rethink a little. Best of all, there are still 4 episodes to drop, so be looking out for them every Tuesday through January.

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