Podcast Review: Heavyweight

Style: Storytelling & interview style

Length: 30-45 minutes

Have you ever wished that you could turn back time so that you could say something or do something differently?

Do you now have the perfect come back or pick up line? Or do your regret the way you made someone feel. The time that really hits home for me was when I was an 11 year old, growing up in Melbourne, and I caught the tram to and from school. One day on my way to school an old man was trying to buy a ticket for his trip. The price had just gone up and he was 5 cents short. He asked me what he was doing wrong, and I froze as he had a tracheostomy, and it took me aback. Later I remembered I had 5 cents in my wallet. I don't know why but this little passing moment still sits with me heavily, I wish I had reacted differently. A small act of kindness and the 5 cent coin would not have made him feel abnormal or silly. This memory is so seared in my mind I can still picture him. It is these moments in time that the podcast Heavyweight aims to expose so that you can have the opportunity to turn back time.

In each episode of Heavyweight, Jonathan Goldstein walks his guest through a moment in their life that still troubles them. Goldstein's mission is to help them make amends with this moment. In fact, the very first episode begins with Goldstein's 80 year old father reconnecting with his 85 year old brother whom he has not talked to in over 40 years (almost half his life!). Once you understand the context of his guest's regret, Goldstein will walk you and his guest through confronting the person that has the answers they need to move forward. Most of the time this makes me nervously excited as I'm anxious to hear what answers the guest receives. Alongside these guests, you are asked to be brave by letting your guard down and to forgive others.

Anyone who is fascinated by people and their lives will love Heavyweight. It's one of my favorite podcasts of all time and is produced by Gimlet Media. If you have not already listened get ready to binge as season 6 is being released now!

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